Rittal’s Pasi Kinnunen: “Collaboration with Escarmat is open and straightforward”

Rittal’s Pasi Kinnunen: “Collaboration with Escarmat is open and straightforward”
04.04.2024 | 

Rittal Oy is a German family-owned company that is a technology leader in the manufacturing of industrial and IT products. The company’s main products are switch cabinets and cooling solutions. Rittal and Escarmat have been collaborating for 30 years, since the establishment of Escarmat.

Pasi Kinnunen, Product Manager at Rittal, has been the contact person for Escarmat since 1997.

–  Working with Escarmat has been open and straightforward from the beginning. Rittal and Escarmat are in contact almost daily, says Kinnunen.

Escarmat’s customer receives the best technical and cost-effective solution

Rittal supplies Escarmat with a wide range of components such as switch cabinets and enclosures. Thanks to the close collaboration, Escarmat’s customers receive the best technical and cost-effective solution.

–  If necessary, we also provide technical support in selecting products, although Escarmat has a good understanding of various components and their practical application. Sometimes I am amazed at how well Escarmat knows Rittal’s products, says Kinnunen.

Kinnunen mentions Rittal equally benefits from the collaboration; especially visiting Escarmat’s production is invaluable because then Rittal receives feedback on the products directly from skilled installers.

Collaboration between different departments

According to Kinnunen, the partnership with Escarmat is valuable for Rittal. He does not define it solely in terms of turnover but also as deepening personal relationships over decades.

–  Collaboration does not culminate only in me or one person at Escarmat. We stay in touch with purchasing, sales, design, and production. Communication mostly relates to monitoring delivery times, pricing, and defining products.

Although Escarmat has grown significantly over 30 years, Kinnunen does not see that working with Escarmat has changed significantly. Volumes have increased, but the basic work remains the same.

–  I hope that our good cooperation continues in the same manner for the next 30 years, summarizes Kinnunen.

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