Sponsorointi tausta
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Giving back and social responsibility are core values for our company. We support sport hobbies and local club activities directed for youn gsters by sponsoring the activities. We also donate money to different charities. We believe that giving back to your community will benefit everyone in it.

What kind of sponsoring do we do?

We are a long-time sponsor of Vaasan Sport (hockey team) since our company was founded. You may come across of Escarmat’s logo on the players shirts and in Vaasan Sähkö Arena. Our personnel also have access to the games through the whole hockey season.

We gladly support local junior clubs. Because of this support, our employees’ children get to have a hobby, which positively affects to the wellbeing of the families. We also have high-level hobbyists among our employees, for example, a pro golfer and a trap-shooter contestant. We gladly support our employees passions with different sports – meaningful hobbies in the free-time will help employees success in their work, too.