Escarmat’s CEO Veikko Junttila retires – Kari Olkinuora starts as the new CEO

Escarmat’s CEO Veikko Junttila retires – Kari Olkinuora starts as the new CEO
26.04.2021 | 

Escarmat’s long-term CEO and founder, Veikko “Vexi” Junttila, will retire on 31.8.2021. Junttila will leave the position of CEO on 30.4.2021. He has also given up his stake in the company during April.

Junttila was founding Oy Escarmat Ltd nearly 27 years ago and has been the company’s CEO since then.  

– A lot has happened during this time. There are plenty of memories of the many memorable moments with colleagues, customers, and suppliers, which I have been lucky to meet during these years. On the other hand, I have come to know many of you via phone or email, yet many of you feel like old acquaintances. For all these years, I have gotten to do work I enjoy, for that, I sincerely thank every one of you. Thank you! 

Junttila will continue to work for Escarmat until the end of August in sales positions.

Vexi has been a well-liked CEO, known as a good-natured, humorous, and kind-hearted partner. Escarmat would like to thank Vexi for his decades of service for the company and wish him well in his well-deserved retirement days to come!

Kari Olkinuora

As of 1.5.2021, Kari Olkinuora, the main shareholder, has been invited as the company’s CEO. Olkinuora has also worked for Escarmat since the company was founded, most recently in a Sales Manager role.

Contact Kari:

+358 40 056 7193 | kari.olkinuora(at)

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