Escarmat ranked in the top 25% of its sector for sustainability

Escarmat ranked in the top 25% of its sector for sustainability
01.02.2023 | 

Escarmat participated for the first time in an evaluation that measured the company’s performance in terms of sustainability. The assessment was carried out by EcoVadis. EcoVadis is a fully independent, international body that has assessed tens of thousands of companies across the world.

Escarmat received a score of 57/100 from this assessment. This means that it is within the top 25% in its sector and received a silver medal. Joni Syrjälä, Quality Manager at Escarmat, is very pleased with the result.

– Our goal was to achieve the industry average, but the result was much better, Syrjälä says.

The categories assessed were the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. No new practices are allowed to be developed ahead of the assessment, which ensures a realistic result.

– This external evaluation allows us to prove to our partners that we are truly acting in a sustainable way. This is also proof to our employees and job applicants that we act responsibly.

Top scores for labour and human rights

Escarmat scored highest in the theme of labour and human rights. The evaluation looked closely at factors related to the well-being of employees.

– It came as no surprise to us that we were so successful in this particular area. At Escarmat, employee well-being, respect and appreciation are values embedded in our strategy. We invest in them constantly, as this score shows.

According to Syrjälä, partners today want to know about a company’s values in more detail in order to have a better overall understanding of its practices. Partners no longer make purchases on the basis of price alone – corporate responsibility also carries weight. But it is not just about business, as it is equally important to demonstrate responsibility to employees. After all, there is currently a severe shortage of workers. People these days think much more carefully about the kind of company they want to work for.

– Especially young people put great weight on working for a responsible employer. Employees also want to invest in their own well-being. Because work is a big part of life, people want it to be meaningful and they want to make a difference. This sustainability ranking proves the cornerstones of our work to jobseekers.

Aiming for the gold medal

In future, EcoVadis will perform a sustainability assessment for Escarmat on an annual basis. Syrjälä reveals that Escarmat will aim for the gold medal next, because it is important to always aim higher.

– This was our first evaluation and an excellent starting point for further development. We received valuable feedback from it and are now ready to systematically drive the different aspects of sustainable development forward, Syrjälä concludes.

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Escarmat also holds the following certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems
  • ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management systems
  • Annex 4
  • IECEx QAR.