Escarmat Just Launched Its New Website – Follow Us Now on Social Media as Well

Escarmat Just Launched Its New Website –  Follow Us Now on Social Media as Well
15.01.2018 | 

Our brand-new website is designed to serve all companies interested in industrial control centre production and project services.

With our updated website we’ve made an effort to present our services in as clear a way as possible. Special emphasis has been placed on our comprehensive service, flexible production as well as special know-how in project-based deliveries.

It is our goal to become a well-known partner that produces control centres for the electrical and energy industries, and that serves its customers from start to finish – and beyond.

With the introduction of our new website, we will also be placing a stronger emphasis on our communication. We’re going to be offering interesting content related both to us as a company and to our line of business, our primary target group being companies interested in the production of control centres.

You can follow Escarmat in the following social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Established in 1994, Escarmat is a full-service automation supplier offering flexible subcontracting and project manufacturing of switchboards, automation centres and control centres to various industries. We also offer tailor-made, comprehensive turnkey solutions.

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