Rutuja Walimbe: “Quality defines the brand – and this is especially true in case of Escarmat”

Rutuja Walimbe: “Quality defines the brand – and this is especially true in case of Escarmat”
07.09.2022 | 

Quality is one of the most important parts of our brand and the reason why our customers trust us year after year. Now we ask our Quality Engineer, Rutuja Walimbe, what kind of job she does and what she thinks about Escarmat´s quality.

Who are you and what do you do at Escarmat?

I am Rutuja Walimbe and I work as a Quality Engineer.

My job mainly includes creating and maintaining the quality-related documents. One of our quality motives is to abide by the regulations of various conflict minerals and hazardous materials under EU REACH, RoHS and IHM, so I have been working on collecting these declarations from our suppliers.

Moreover, I also participate in quality audits and quality planning that is conducted in cooperation with our customers. During the audits and quality meetings, we come across different suggestions and improvement ideas and we make sure to act upon them.

Why is quality so important?

Theoretically, quality is simply conforming to customer requirements; however, in a broader sense, every element of an organization contributes towards achieving the objectives of organizational quality management. For example, in addition to doing the work right, a worker’s discipline to work or staff’s ability to communicate efficiently also helps to reduce mistakes which in turn leads to better quality.

Every company is working towards growth and the secret to growth is customer satisfaction. Thus, delivering good quality products and services plays an integral part in customer satisfaction which in turn helps the company to grow.

What quality exactly means at Escarmat?

When everyone in an organization function altogether to the best of their abilities, the resultant is the best product in the market. Mistakes are a part and parcel of every work but abiding to our tagline ‘Makes every piece works together’, each of Escarmat’s employee works in a way that mistakes are avoided and if at all they occur, they are handled as efficiently as possible.

We are continuously improving our processes to make them as efficient as possible. Thus, for every new project, we collaborate with our customers to develop different quality assurance plans such as PQAP (Project Quality Assurance Plan), FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), and Control plans. Moreover, we also use analytical tools such as 8D reports and 5-Why.

What do you think about Escarmat´s quality?

Quality defines the brand and this is especially true in case of Escarmat. At Escarmat, quality is not only visible on the shop floor but all throughout the organization. To remain up to date on quality standards, we are certified for ISO 9001:2016, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. As a result, in addition to providing good quality products, we are also being responsible towards the environment and looking after our employees’ health and safety.

Quality being embedded in our values; we are striving to provide the best of the best to our customers. However, quality is a never-ending process. There is always room for improvement and what keeps us going is the will to improve ourselves.

Why do you like to work at Escarmat?

Providing the best quality with honesty and integrity is a central thought of Escarmat which is what I like the most. One of the best things is that everyone here is open to new ideas, so I never feel afraid to speak my mind or ask any questions.

Additionally, since our business is spread around the world, I love that I get to meet people from different cultures and traditions. And now that our business is growing so well, I look forward to new opportunities and the challenges that may come with it.