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Control cabinets

Project-specific control cabinets

Control cabinets for power plants and other installations regardless the industry.

Project-specific control cabinets with experience!

Whether it is a power plant or a marine-related project, we manufacture your custom control cabinets and panels as agreed.

Over the years, we have implemented numerous automation and electrification projects for our customers around the world.

Request a quote for the cabinets of your project or even its entire automation – from design to installation!

We have been implementing project manufacturing for our demanding customers for 30 years!

Reliable cabinet manufacturer for industrial projects

Marine industry

  • Marine engine automation and monitoring systems
  • Marine power generation control and monitoring cabinets
  • Upgrades to marine engine automation and monitoring systems
  • Various automation equipment for LNG carrier engines

Energy industry

  • Electricity monitoring and control cabinets
  • Power plant electricity distribution control and monitoring cabinets
  • Monitoring and control cabinets for large transformers
  • Automation and monitoring systems for power plant engines and their upgrades
  • Magnetization cabinets

Machine and equipment manufacturers

  • Automation, electrical and engine cabinets for machinery and equipment industry
  • Automation cabinets for warehouse systems
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