Escarmat Oy takes seriously the privacy of our website visitors. We follow Finland’s law of personal information and EU’s privacy settings. The collected personal information is used only to take care of customer and business partner relations and other customer activity such as communicating and easing the process of communication.


Escarmat Oy

BusinessID: 0969376-3

Hirvenpolku 3

65520 Helsingby, Finland

+358 10 5835 700 (switch)


Name of the register

Escarmat Oy’s customer and supplier register.

Purpose of the personal data usage

The purpose of this register is to improve our customer service, support our marketing and make communication easier. We use the personal information only to take care of our customer and business partner relations and to take care of other customer activity such as communicating. If the user gives us personal information, we use the data only to activities we have declared on this statement.

The data we register


  • Company’s Name
  • Company’s Email
  • Company’s Phone number
  • Company’s Address
  • Company’s Business ID
  • Company’s Industry
  • Information of the services, their deliveries and billing the company has ordered.


  • Person’s Name
  • Person’s Job title
  • Person’s Email
  • Person’s Phone number

Regular sources of information

Personal information is collected during the customer relationship and during the process of creating a possible customer relationship. Information could be collected from civil registry and from other third-party registers. Information could be collected during fairs and other marketing events.


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Third-party cookies/Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is connected on the website, and it uses website’s cookies. Analytics uses the cookies to gather information about the user’s behavior on the website. This information includes, for example, on what web pages the user visits and how long they spend on the web page. The purpose of this collected data is to help us to analyze the usage of the website and improve the user’s experience on the website. Read more about the cookies of Google Analytics here:

Third-party cookies /Leadfeeder:

Leadfeeder uses the website’s cookies. With the help of the cookies, we gather information about which businesses have visited on our website and on which pages they have visited. We use this information to analyze the usage of the website. Read more about Leadfeeder’s cookies from here:

Third-party cookies/Facebook Pixel:

Facebook Pixel is connected to the website. Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code, which is used to gather information about Facebook marketing and to target the marketing campaigns done through Facebook Business Manager. The Pixel gathers the websites browser information. Read more about the privacy policies of Facebook from here:

Third-party cookies/LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is connected on the website, and it uses website’s cookies. We use this addition to analyze the results of LinkedIn marketing campaigns. These cookies track the websites browser information. Read more about LinkedIn’s privacy policies from here:


Escarmat’s only reason to use Mailchimp is to send newsletters to its customers. The information added on the Mailchimp platform includes only those customers who will receive the newsletter and who have agreed on receiving the newsletter. The recipients can unsubscribe from the newsletter whenever they want from the link in the end of the newsletter. Google Analytics could be integrated on Mailchimp as well. Read more about the privacy policies of Mailchimp from here:

Transfer of data outside of EU and EEA

The information on the Escarmat’s customer register will not be transferred outside EU or EEA.

Handing over the personal information

Information will not be handed over.

Protection of the register

The customer and supplier register of Escarmat is protected with restricted access and with passwords. Any handlers of customer information are always under a duty of confidentiality.

The right to check the information and correct it

All the customers of Escarmat have the right to check all the information concerning them and they can demand a correction of incorrect information. They have the right to deny the usage of the information to any marketing purposes and to secure any other rights mentioned in the personal information law. The information will be checked and corrected when the person requests it in written form via post or on an email. These requests must be signed. All the requests’ must be sent to this address:

Escarmat Oy

Hirvenpolku 3

65520 Helsingby, Finland.