Escarmat conducted customer satisfaction survey again – here’s what we found out

Escarmat conducted customer satisfaction survey again – here’s what we found out
Sales and marketing team analyzing survey results.
15.11.2023 | 

Once again, Escarmat has conducted the customer satisfaction survey and here’s what we found out. The survey investigated customers’ experiences with Escarmat’s customer service, professionalism, quality and pricing.

One of the prominent findings from the survey was that all our customers perceived Escarmat’s expertise and quality as excellent. Customers related to expertise and quality had even improved compared to the previous survey.

Escarmat’s Operational Director, Tomi Korkeavaara, expressed his joy about this outcome:

– The results indicate an enhancement in Escarmat’s quality and expertise. This supports our view that Escarmat’s competitive advantage is its personnel.

Looking for Sales Manager

All customers unanimously agreed that Escarmat has been successful in meeting delivery deadlines. However, the survey revealed a need for improvement.

– A significant portion of customers were unaware that Escarmat offers installation services worldwide. Escarmat plans to promote this service more to its existing customers.

Based on the survey, quick responses to inquiries are desired, which is one of the reasons why Escarmat has decided to increase its sales staff. Currently, Escarmat is actively seeking a Sales Manager.

– We want to share our customers’ concern about projects staying on schedule. By reacting promptly to inquiries, the customer can also respond to their own client’s requests on time, Korkeavaara says.

Key points from the customer satisfaction survey

Key points from the customer satisfaction survey

All the customers agreed that these issues are well taken care of at Escarmat:

  • Expertise
  • Quality services
  • Escarmat’s contact persons are easy to reach
  • Escarmat has successfully met delivery deadlines.

Furthermore, all customers would recommend Escarmat to others.

Escarmat received feedback from customers, including:

”Highly functional collaboration and excellent service.”

”Proven reliable long-term partner.”

”High-quality work with exceptional customer service ”

”Collaboration is straightforward and natural.”

”Everything went as agreed. When there’s adherence to agreements, there’s not much more to add.”

”Always professional service and agreements that are upheld. ”

”Escarmat is the best partner I’ve come across. Flexible operations and easy agreement on matters.”

”Escarmat informs about the order’s status, whether the product is on time or not.”

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