We Are Looking for a Quality Engineer – International Assignments Up for Grabs

We Are Looking for a Quality Engineer – International Assignments Up for Grabs
22.11.2021 | 

Do quality manuals make you yawn or do you actually find them quite inspiring? Do you enjoy the feeling of figuring out how to put new statutes into practice? Most people would say no – but if you said yes, keep reading. You are exactly what we are looking for!

What Does a Quality Engineer Do?

We are looking for a Quality Engineer who gets fired up about quality-related matters over and over again. You are most likely the learning type, someone who likes to look for new information and wants to find a way to put it into practice. As a Quality Engineer, you will ensure the quality of both our products and our company’s activities.

Your assignments include quality assurance, creating and maintaining quality documentation, risk analyses, studying and applying new statues and requirements, creating process descriptions, processing claims and complaints as well as taking part in different development projects.

A Quality Engineer works alongside Quality Manager Joni Syrjälä. Assignments will be divided between you based on competence and interests which means that you can have an effect on your job description. A Quality Engineer also works closely together with Factory Managers and the purchasing department.

Why Should You Apply as Escarmat’s New Quality Engineer?

The most important competitive advantage for Escarmat is quality. We know that talented people like you do not grow on trees – that is why we value your expertise every day of the week.

We offer our Quality Engineer international assignments. Our customers include major international companies. On the other hand, working in our cozy and tight-knit work environment ensures that you will not be thrown in at the deep end. We all understand the importance of quality and offer you the support you need.

You will be able continue work that has been done well because here at Escarmat, we have our quality matters in control. We take pride in our customers knowing that we do a good job. This means that they get what they ordered, that we meet all requirements and that we carefully document all processes.

We are ISO-certified (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001) and follow existing operating models that are constantly developed even further.

What We Look for in a Quality Engineer:

  • A degree in Electricity or Automation Technology (Engineer or related degree)
  • Previous work experience in the field would be an asset. You can also be newly graduated and eager to learn
  • Using your brain. We do not offer models that have already been worked out to the last detail. We encourage you to think about things yourself first – then you will be able to justify your reasoning to others
  • Finishing assignments and sticking to schedules. In development projects assignments need to be finished on time, but on the other hand, working with quality matters requires perseverance
  • Fluency in both written and oral English. Meetings and message exchanges with clients are often in English.

Practical Matters

The contract is permanent and you will work full-time. We mainly work from 8 to 16 and have flexible working hours. We hope to see you at the office but provide an opportunity for remote work as well.


Apply for the position by e-mailing your resumé to Joni. In the e-mail, include your salary expectation and a short description about yourself and your background. The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person, so we encourage you to apply right away. You will begin working as soon as possible.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to ask! You can call or e-mail Joni:

Joni Syrjälä

Quality Manager


050 577 2053

What Is It Like to Work with Quality-Related Matters at Escarmat?

“I have worked with quality matters at Escarmat since 2019. This is my first quality-related position and I have enjoyed it tremendously. Working with Escarmat is a great opportunity. We have international work assignments but a small and welcoming work environment. I strongly recommend applying!”

— Joni Syrjälä, Quality Manager at Escarmat

Joni Syrjälä
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