Peter Piispanen from Mychrome Ltd: “Escarmat is a hands-on and enthusiastic business partner”

Peter Piispanen from Mychrome Ltd: “Escarmat is a hands-on and enthusiastic business partner”
06.04.2022 | 

Mychrome Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing nailing machines and production lines for pallets. The company operates from Maalahti. Mychrome has collaborated with Escarmat since 2015 and altogether they have completed 119 projects.

CEO Peter Piispanen says that Escarmat designs and manufacturers electric cabinets for the nailing machines.

– We wanted to have a partner, who is capable to supply big cabinets. When we started to build our nailing machine, I contacted Escarmat and we were able to come up with a deal right away.

Piispanen says that every production line manufactured by Mychrome is different.  This means that Escarmat must have a great know-how too.

– We give them the initial data from which Escarmat does the design for the electrical cabinets, drawings, and manufacturing. Usually this is enough for them to complete the order and we do not have to intervene with the project. We can trust to Escarmat, they will do what they promise to do.

Escarmat stays on the schedule and on budget

Mychrome’s nailing machines and production lines are exported around the globe, for example, to the Nordic countries, Germany, Poland, the United States and Taiwan. The work is project like, and the machines are customized to fit the customers space, budget, and the type of pallet they are manufacturing. In most cases a new project starts from the base of an old one. Usually, the old project directs the way for the new one.

Now the component shortage is making deliveries challenging. According to Piispanen Escarmat suggests alternative components and suppliers if the desired parts are impossible to get.  Some parts can be installed afterwards, if needed.

– Despite COVID-19 and the component shortage Escarmat has stayed on the schedule and on budget. If there have been any delays, Escarmat has informed us in time, and we have been able to decide together, how to prioritize the manufacturing of the cabinets. We are very keen on staying on the schedule and making the end customers happy.

Interest towards customers and work shows

Mychrome is pleased with Escarmat’s service and quality. Piispanen describes Escarmat’s attitude as excited and joyful. The quality of their doing shows a real interest towards their own and towards customer’s work. Escarmat also helps when the things get rough.

– Once upon a time we had a situation in which the cabinets were delivered without monitors. Escarmat got them via back order, and they spontaneously suggested that they could deliver the monitors to us with their own car. This allowed us to test the cabinets in time, which was important to us.

Mychrome is a fast-growing business. They have already sold their capacity till the spring of 2023.

– There is not a replacement for the pallets, so our nailing machines are still much needed. In other words, there is also a huge demand for the electric cabinets. A joint product development might be something we could consider in the future, Piispanen ponders.