Fredrik Nyström is Escarmat’s new sales manager: “My strength lies in listening to customers”

Fredrik Nyström is Escarmat’s new sales manager: “My strength lies in listening to customers”
08.02.2024 | 

Fredrik Nyström has been chosen as the sales manager for Escarmat. He has extensive experience in industrial sales roles.  Nyström previously worked as a sales engineer in Vaasa. Before that, he lived in the Helsinki metropolitan area and worked as a product manager and regional manager.

– Technical sales, in my opinion, is the best thing one can do in life. I grew up with it at home, as my father was in sales, Nyström says.

Language skills and international experience

Nyström studied electronics engineering at a university of applied sciences. He speaks Finnish, Swedish, and English fluently. Having lived in Los Angeles due to his father’s work and engaged in international trade throughout his career, he also possesses international experience.

In sales, Nyström’s strength lies in the art of listening. He carefully listens to the needs of customers, forms his own view, and collaborates with the sales team to find solutions.

– A salesperson’s task is to ask the right questions and assist in decision-making. My principle is to be honest and handle things properly from start to finish, Nyström explains.

He also mentions that he was raised at home to interact with people positively, always finding common ground and building trust based on it.

Escarmat offers opportunities to develop technical skills

Nyström wanted to work for Escarmat because he is interested in electrical and automation cabinets. These cabinets contain a lot of technology, so technical expertise also develops in sales work. Nyström has already noticed that the work community at Escarmat is like a large family where everyone takes good care of each other.

In his free time, Nyström enjoys playing golf. His first summer job was as a caretaker at a golf course.

– I’ve been playing golf since I was a child. What appeals to me about golf is that it’s a social sport combined with walking in nature.

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