Escarmat’s project-specific manufacture is moving to Strömberg Park – high growth targets

Escarmat’s project-specific manufacture is moving to Strömberg Park – high growth targets
13.09.2021 | 

Escarmat is moving its project-specific manufacture to new facilities in the KT building in Strömberg Park in Vaasa in the autumn of 2021. Contract manufacturing will remain in the company’s current premises in Vikby. Thanks to the move, Escarmat will have more space and resources for both project-specific and contract manufacturing.

Factory Director Mika Lintunen at the Vikby facilities and Factory Director of the new premises, Niko Laurila, explain that the initiative for the move came from customers.

“We have been planning this move for a long time because the size of the projects we have been working on has grown and customers have expressed a wish to have us closer to their operations. We discussed it with our customers this spring. After that, things progressed quickly, and we acquired new facilities in the KT building.”

Closer collaboration

The move enables Escarmat to grow, because it allows the company to carry out larger and larger projects for its customers. The company can also accept more work than before. Escarmat has high growth targets for the next few years and moving to Strömberg Park will allow it to cooperate more closely with its customers.

“This will make our project deliveries more efficient than ever. Working close to our partners will make communications quicker, joint product development easier and production more efficient. With more space, we will be able to work on more projects at the same time,” Laurila says.

The new premises cover 2,200 square metres, meaning that the company’s facilities for project-specific manufacturing will triple and its entire premises will double in size. With project manufacturing taking place in Strömberg Park, there will be more room for contract manufacturing in Vikby, so Escarmat will be able to take on more contract manufacturing work too.

The staff are excited about the move

According to Laurila and Lintunen, the staff have reacted positively to the move. About half of them will start working at the Strömberg Park premises.

“All our employees agree that the move is a good thing and are happy to see us making great progress.  As most of our employees live in Vaasa, their daily commute will be shorter. Recruitment may also become easier when the job location is closer to the centre of town,” Laurila says.

Laurila and Lintunen look forward to the changes in their near future.

“With the move, our roles are expanding and our careers are advancing. It’s great to see Escarmat growing and taking practical action to invest in our customers,” Lintunen says.