Escarmat’s competitive advantage is its personnel

Escarmat’s competitive advantage is its personnel
04.10.2023 | 

Escarmat’s product is a service concept that includes technical productization, production-supportive design, material procurement, assembly work, inspection, and the logistical process. The end product is a product that meets the customer’s needs and expectations.

The most important link in each stage of the service concept is the human element: Escarmat’s personnel and their teamwork create the whole for the customer.

– Our competitive advantage is our personnel. We know how to read the customer’s expectations and needs and build the desired product from them, says Tomi Korkeavaara, Escarmat’s chief operating officer.

Skilled individuals in a human-centric work culture

Korkeavaara explains that every member of the staff creates a competitive advantage. Escarmat is proud of its competent personnel, with as much as a third of it having worked for the company for over 10 years. Experience brings along technical expertise.

In recruitment, Escarmat aims for a learning and solution-oriented individual profile.

– However, we want to maintain humanity in the workplace. Mistakes are minimized, but the operating model is error-tolerant. Because usually, only by not fearing failure can one achieve greatness. We encourage learning from mistakes and from each other, he adds.

Escarmat’s vision is to be a respected and desired cabinet manufacturer that offers the best work community in Ostrobothnia’s industry. A human-centric work culture helps in finding good workers even in the midst of a shortage of experts.

– The work must be organized in a way that allows individuals to influence their own work and see results, Korkeavaara summarizes.

Customers benefit from the expertise of personnel

Escarmat maintains long-term customer relationships. This demonstrates that our staff can support customers with their technical expertise. Escarmat gets to know customers and their products, which results in a confidential dialogue between the customer and production.

Escarmat conducted a customer satisfaction survey this fall. According to the survey, Escarmat has succeeded in operating in the way the customer desires. Escarmat will also develop its services based on the feedback received in the survey.

Korkeavaara says that Escarmat’s manufactured cabinet is an experiential-based, high-quality assembly of components. By purchasing a cabinet manufactured by Escarmat, customers enhance their strength in their market area.

– From us, the customer gets a product that aligns with their plans, and it’s hard to find anything better.